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Energy Innovation Center's Wallet Card

Energy Innovation Center (EIC) provides a central location to store all of your training history and certifications, including training taken outside of the Institute. With your personal wallet card you will be able to view or share your current Training Profile through a safe and secure web page.



How Does It Work?

Access All Training History With One Card

The wallet card provides a vehicle for an individual’s certification and training history to be accessed and viewed.

Personalized wallet cards will be received approximately 2 weeks after successful completion of your first training course taken through EIC.

A replacement card can be ordered online. Once ordered, the card replaced will be deactivated. Purchase a replacement card online

View Your Training Profile

Download our Energy Innovation Center Institute App for either your Apple or Google device (phone and tablet). Once downloaded, launch the app and click on the “Scan” button to scan the QR code from a wallet card. You can also manually enter in the Unique Student ID and UAC code using the “Lookup” feature. Once you have viewed user profiles the app will store each under the “Profiles” button.

You may also view Training Profiles in the Institute by entering in the Unique Student ID and UAC at:

Digital Badges

Share each verified training certification with colleagues, employers and friends with one click on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) or via email. Learn More

Don’t Let Your Certifications Lapse

Energy Innovation Center enables you to leverage proactive email notifications for you and your employees alerting you of upcoming certification expirations.