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To maintain the highest security standards, we will be disabling support for browsers using TLS 1.0. Learn more and upgrade your browser here.


Q: I forgot my username or password, how do I retrieve it?

You can retrieve your password by clicking here.

Q: I didn’t get my login information in an email?

Almost always, this type of problem is the result of a spam or junk email filter. Please double check your spam and junk folder and if you find your email there, please add us to your safe list so your emails don’t get held in the future.

If you are using a company email address, it is also possible that your company’s spam filter may have blocked the email before it even made it to your inbox, junk or spam. You will need to contact your company’s IT department to have Energy Innovation Center Institute emails added to their safe list. All of our contact details are on the Contact Us page.

Q: The online course is not showing, how do I get it to work?

Online courses launch in a new browser window so make sure to “Enable Pop Ups” within your browser’s settings or options for this website. Also make sure pop-ups are enabled for any 3rd party toolbars you have installed. If you are still having troubles, please Contact Us.

You may not have one of the required plug-ins installed to view the courseware. Most of the courses are of very high quality and require Adobe Flash or Unity to be installed. You can download the latest versions of each from our System Requirements page.

Q: Why am I getting a Java warning?

Depending on your computer’s configuration you may see a Java warning when attempting to install the Unity player. The Unity player is safe and is a widely used plug-in on websites that offer interactive gaming and simulations. Some of our courseware requires the Unity player for the interactive learning games.

Q: Why is the online course taking so long to load?

Some of our courses contain a lot of media and interactive exercises. As a result, they do require a reasonably fast and reliable internet connection. If you are using a wireless connection or satellite internet and run into issues with load times, you may want to consider switching to a wired connection.

To speed up the load times, Energy Innovation Center Institute uses a content distribution network. With servers hosting our content in hundreds of locations across the world, we are able to provide you with the closest possible server to connect to, which adds a great deal of performance to the course loading times.

Q: Why will the online courses not play on my mobile device?

Currently, some of our online courses in Energy Innovation Center Institute use technologies that are not compatible with viewing on mobile devices. However, we have begun the conversion process allowing for some courses to be accessed on mobile devices. Any course that is mobile friendly will be noted as such on its description in the course catalog.

Q: Why isn’t my progress being saved?

All of our online courses offer bookmarking functionality but due to configuration variations on many browsers there may be instances when saving course progress does not always work. If you find this to be a problem, please submit a support ticket and we work with you to identify the issue.

Q: How do I print my certificates of completion or my temporary wallet card?

The Energy Innovation Center Institute certificates and temporary wallet card require you to have a PDF reader plug-in installed. We recommend Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded from our System Requirements page. To print your certificates login to your account, click on “View My Training Profile” and then click on “View” next to the PDF icon. Once the certificate is opened you will be able to print.

Q: Why can’t I upload files for training taken outside of Energy Innovation Center Institute?

The file you are uploading must be in an appropriate format (.doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, .pdf, .bmp, .png or .jpg). If the file is in a different format you will need to convert it into an accepted format.

Q: Why am I not able to access any logged in or secure pages?

We take the security of your information seriously and to maintain alignment with the updated compliance requirements from the PCI Security Standards Council, Energy Innovation Center Institute no longer supports the use of TLS 1.0. You will need to make sure your web browser supports either TLS 1.1 or 1.2. To ensure your browser meets our new security standards go to: If the test indicates your browser is not compatible we suggest you upgrade to a browser of your choosing (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari). All current browsers are supported.