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EIC Institute Training Formats

Understanding the diverse needs of our learners, EIC has created multiple training delivery formats. The formats for our courses are based on sound instructional design principles, the applicability of the subject matter to the appropriate format, and on our capability to deliver.

Instructor-Led (Classroom)

Realizing that many students enjoy the interaction and hands-on experiences in an Instructor-Led class, several of our courses are offered in this format. Class structure and size vary depending on the course offered.


This on-demand eLearning format allows you to take the course at your leisure, and stop and start where you last left off. You can take these courses at work, at home or anywhere you have a computer and internet connection.

Blended Learning®

Combining the standardization and flexibility of Online with the interaction and hands-on experiences of Instructor-Led, our blended learning courses are delivered in an Instructor-Led format but with interactive online exercises and collobaration among your classmates. All of our blended online offerings are highly interactive and simulate real world scenarios.

Blended learning consists of some combination of:

  1. Online Interactivities
  2. Class Collaboration
  3. Instructor-Led