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Got Projects? Get Project Management

The Energy Innovation Center is offering a complimentary presentation on how your organization can be more successful by empowering your project professionals with the knowledge and skills needed for more effective management of projects.

If you're in the energy business, chances are most of your daily business activities involve performing projects. If that describes your situation, then the success or failure of your organization's projects goes directly to your bottom line. And, if you've got projects, your organization likely needs more effective project management in order for your business to attain as well as maintain success.

On Wednesday, February 22, 2017, plan to attend this free 2 hour presentation beginning at 9:00 a.m. at the Energy Innovation Center where you will learn and better understand:

  • Some fundamental project management lexicon,
  • The metrics of project management (i.e. how project success is measured),
  • The areas of knowledge involved with project management,
  • The processes involved with project management,
  • The skills required for effective project management,
  • The benefits and liabilities of project management,
And, especially, how to attain and maintain a continuous stream of more successful projects (i.e. how your organization can "get project management").

Presented by Sam Provil, PMP - President and Managing Consultant of Provil & Associates, a Pittsburgh based project management services company. Mr. Provil possesses more than 35 years of professional program management, project management, as well as project planning & control functions experience spanning almost a dozen industries including aerospace, defense, engineering, construction, manufacturing, product development, retail, transportation, utilities and information systems/technologies. Mr. Provil specializes in the evaluation, specification, design, development, and implementation of client program/project management offices (PMO's).
Got Projects? Get Project Management

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